Number One

A tactical game for  2 up to 4 players with an extraordinary play mechanism developed from:

 Leo Colovini, Renato De Rosa, Dario De Toffoli, Alex Randolph

The number one, is the smallest but most important peg. This one decides the game. Each player has three pegs of different size. According to the size of the peg you are moving on one, two or three fields and stepping on the black token there lying, which is now vanishing from the board as if by magic.  

But take care, only fields may be stepped on, that are covered by a black token, except.......


Spinning top race  

A modification of the Tyrolean Roulette according to an idea by Jürgen P.K. Grunau.


It depends on the points each globule scores how many fields the pieces can move.

In this way that game has the charakter of two diffrent games.


Labyrinth Chartres


Another kind of wooden labyrinth, which contrasts with the others not only because of his colours (blue, light blue, green and orange). It is based on the 12 m large Original in the catedral of Chartres.


Carrom Torneo AC brown


The very successful MESPI Carrom Torneo board with a beautiful brown beechwood boarder. It is more than only a professional tournament board.


Carrom, indian striker hand-painted and engraved


These nobly original indian Strikes have all an individual design, because they are hand-painted and engraved by hand. They are avaiable in 5 colour. This makes that Striker to a personal and professional tournament striker.


Boule Boccia

Not only for Curling fans this tablecurling game is a fantastic Fun for the living room. The smooth polished surface makes it possible to shoot the pieces very definite what increases the play fun a lot